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Where is Thylenaos and is something going to happen to the guild?

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Where is Thylenaos and is something going to happen to the guild?

Post by Thylenaos on Sun Sep 27, 2009 6:43 pm

-As you have probably noticed, i (Thylenaos) was gone about 2 weeks completely out of the blue...
for the life of me i just couldnt get online..
When i finally got back on i thought things would start to smooth out and become predictable again.
Sadly they didnt. Its just as unpredictable & chaotic.

Since i am the gm of Dreamsight this means there are loarge consequences for the guild as i will (for now) not be able to be on regularly.


In the mean time:
>>All guild members can create events on the ingame calendar for other guildies to join.

>All guildies with a high enough rank can invite druids to the guild.

*I will be on as often as i can: and when im on ill do my best to create activities for the guild and keep it running.

- I hereby regrettably nullify my expected participation in raid groups (for now). -Though guildies are welcome to create offical guild raid groups & raid in my absence.

Once my life is sorted:
**We will celebrate the 'reawakening' of Dreamsight with a huge ALL DRUID PARRTYYY!!! (all druids invited!)**

Want to be emaild when Dreamsight has its gm back fully?: {Click here}to join the guild mailing list!

im really sorry that this had to happen mates :( See you in WoW,


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